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Welcome to my shop, Oake & Ashe.

Ever since I can remember I’ve enjoyed art and creating art so it’s no surprise that I have a degree in apparel design. Some of my favorite hobbies include weaving, sewing, reading, traveling, photography and visiting the endless list of coffee shops in the Twin Cities. During college I worked in a bridal boutique designing and creating a line of bridal accessories sold exclusively at that shop. Boy, is it lovely to work around such beautiful things! I'm currently working as an Office Manager in a Minneapolis real estate agency. This of course is only until I become a full-time Etsy seller, a girl’s gotta have goals, right!?!

I consider myself an ultimate DIY kind of gal. I love using my hands to create. So when I came across weaving I knew I needed to learn this craft. Ironically enough my husband's family has been making weaving looms since 1973. Their company is called Beka Inc. and was born out of a set of brothers and their wives who had a passion for weaving. They were the ultimate hippies traveling across the country teaching weaving classes in the seventies. All of the items in my shop are handmade with love by my husband in St. Paul, Minnesota. The looms are primarily made from northern hard maple, which is regionally grown and carefully harvested. From beginning to end the products are made with sustainable practices.

Shortly after asking for my own loom I was absolutely in love with weaving and wanted to continue sharing this passion with others. I created Oake & Ashe in 2015 to be an online boutique for new and experienced weavers. I want to be a source of knowledge and a source for great quality handmade looms.

The most popular item in my shop is the frame loom. This type of loom is easy to use and great for beginners. I LOVE my frame loom! I created a kit with the frame loom that includes all the tools would need along with the warp and weft yarn to learn, create, and practice your soon to be awesome weaving skills. This is the item I highly suggest if you’re just learning or want to buy someone an awesome gift. All you have to do is open the box and your weaving adventure begins!

Thank you for visiting my lovely little shop. Have questions!?! Just ask. I will always respond quickly and thoroughly. I strive to provide the best shopping experience possible.

XO, Ashley Kreisman

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